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Mediterranean Language Review

Edited by Matthias Kappler, Werner Arnold, Theresa Gruber and Christian Voß
Editorial assistance Maria Petrou

Erscheinungsweise: 1 issue a year
ISSN: 0724-7567
e-ISSN: 2747-4445

The Mediterranean Language Review is an interdisciplinary forum for the investigation of language and culture in the Mediterranean, Southeast Europe and the Black Sea, past and present, for example:

- linguistic contact and diffusion in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area and its hinterland and the Balkan Peninsula; interaction of language and culture in the region; case studies of linguistic relativity; culturally determined language behaviour;

- the historical evolution and present state of languages spoken by small nations and ethnic minorities (e.g. Berber, Albanian in Italy and Greece, Neo-Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Judezmo, the languages of Gypsies, etc.); language problems endemic to small speaker communities in the region; ethnolinguistic research on Bedouin; religion and language: confessional affiliation and language use; liturgical languages;

- ethnolinguistic studies on island communities in the Mediterranean (Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, Malta, the Greek islands, etc.); linguistic obsolescence; linguistic stratification: areal typology and the languages of the Mediterranean and Black Sea littoral and of Southeast Europe; substratal phenomena;

- interlinguas: “Kultursprachen” of the Mediterranean (Greek, Latin, Italian, Arabic, etc.); the lexical impact of globalization; Mediterranean Lingua Franca; maritime linguistics; lexical convergence; relics of colonial and maritime English, e.g. in Maltese, Egyptian Arabic, Cypriot Greek, etc.; marginal language;

- approaches to Mediterranean lexicology (“Worte und Sachen”); ethnolinguistic studies of traditional professions; the levelling linguistic impact of globalization.

The journal is peer reviewed.

Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2023