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Volume 30 (2023), Issue 1



Page I - IV


Preface to the Anniversary Issue

Matthias Kappler

Page V - VII


The Ancient Mediterranean and the Red Sea Link: Documenting Arabic Lexical Isoglosses from the Bronze Age

Alexander Borg

Page 1 - 27

Was Mediterranean Language Review a good title?

Paul Wexler

Page 29 - 53

Medieval Greek Influence in Turkic outside Anatolia

Marcel Erdal

Page 55 - 61

Aki’o Nakanos Neuwestaramäische Texte aus Ǧubb 'adīn

Werner Arnold

Page 63 - 67

Balkan Obscenities and the Balkan Sprachbund: The Lessons of History

Victor A. Friedman

Page 69 - 80

Die griechisch-arabische Bilingue anlässlich der Eroberung Sinopes (1215) durch die Selçuken

Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis

Page 81 - 88

Preliminary Notes on the Greek Part of a Quadrilingual Codex from the Time of Mehmed II

Matthias Kappler

Page 89 - 106

Romanistisches Editorial: Eine kleine Retrospektive

Till Stellino

Page 107 - 108

A Sephardi in Shanghai. Multilingualism in Balkan Diasporic Literature

Christian Voß

Page 109 - 120

“Because I am a Foreigner”: Nonaccommodative Adjustments of German Speaking Host Community Members through the Eyes of Non-Native Speakers – With a Focus on First Language Turkish Speakers

Maria Petrou

Page 121 - 154

The Development of Sibilant Harmony in Maghrebi Arabic from the Perspective of Language Contact in Pre-Islamic Africa

Wiktor Gębski

Page 155 - 180

Criticizing and Vilifying the Language of the ‘Other’: a Preliminary Exploration on Pejorative Forms of Designation of the Berber Language in the Medieval Maghrib

Mohamed Meouak

Page 181 - 196

Ébauche descriptive d’un îlot ancien d’arabophonie au coeur de la Kabylie: l’arabe bougiote (əl-Bǧāwīya)

Massinissa Garaoun

Page 197 - 240

The Arabic Dialect of Kairouan (Tunisia): Preliminary Data and Historical Sociolinguistic Considerations

Alessia D’Accardio Berlinguer

Page 241 - 277

Recommend Mediterranean Language Review